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2011 Conference Proceedings
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2012 Conference Proceedings
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2014 Conference Proceedings
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"Compost: The Solution to Sustainable Soil & Water" The winning poster is by Tam Pham Hoang Buu, a 12th grader at the ABC International School in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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2015 Conference Premium Proceedings
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2015 International Compost Awareness Week Tshirt! Hot off the presses! A 50/50 cotton/poly mix with the 2015 design by Emily Mozzone! $15 for Members $20 for Non-Members includes shipping. S, M, XL, XXL (LARGE IS SOLD OUT). To order send an email to with the size(s).
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2016 Conference Premium Proceedings
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2017 Conference Premium Proceedings
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2018 Conference Premium Proceedings
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SUMMER SPECIAL!!! Aluminum Water bottle with Carabiner and Extra Lid, 2.75” side x 4.5” tall, International Year of Soil 2015 logo and Composting Council Research and Education Foundation ( logo, proceeds benefit the Foundation!
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Digital Download

TMECC provides detailed protocols for the composting industry to verify the physical, chemical, and biological condition of composting feedstocks, material in process and compost products at the point of sale. Material testing is needed to verify product safety and market claims. This is a download. There is no hardcopy.
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This Field Guide provides compost use instructions that have been verified through research and field experiences. It condenses and simplifies 13 currently available, technically-based, compost use guidelines, providing a step-by-step description of compost use in specific applications.
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Compost: The Sustainable Solution pocket folder, complete with 5 inserts: - COMPOST USE IN EROSION AND SEDIMENT CONTROL - INCREASING SOIL ORGANIC MATTER - ENGINEERED SOILS - STA Tri-Fold - BioCycle Reprint; 'Ordinances To Amend Soil…..' These pockets folders are an excellent sales tool and convenient way to pass along your promotional compost literature. Price Includes shipping. Must be ordered in increments of 25.
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A limited number of planters, containing a seed disk and blue forget me not flowers to grow this spring, will show your pride in the 25th Anniversary of our Soilbuilding organization! Made from rice hull and corn husk, this promotional planter comes in a two pack gift set and will bring cheer to any home or office space and it's eco-friendly to boot, with recycled content packaging. ***Price includes $2.00 shipping fee.
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Seal of Testing Assurance (STA) Product
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A 15 second video clip with your company information and logo can now be added to any of the Growing A Greener World videos produced by Joe Lamp'l.

Please click here to view what this will look like once it is personalized for YOUR company and product:

This is an incredible value for the price. You'll have a national TV personality promoting YOUR STA product at minimal ... Details
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The US Food and Drug Administration has highlighted compost in proposed regulations for the implementation of the federal Food Safety Modernization Act, proposing some very restrictive requirements for using compost on certain fresh produce crops. But the fact is, properly produced compost can help protect both people and plants from getting sick.

The key is “properly produced”.

In this webinar, you will learn:

What is the FDA’s concern?... Details
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Purchase a complete recording of the webinar. After payment we will send you a link to the recording.

Webinar description
Many compost producers, both municipal and private, get involved in composting as an effective means of recycling organic residuals, with little thought given to marketing the final product. The disposition of the compost is often times viewed as a ´build it and they will come’ situation, rather than a process which begins when the first... Details
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Purchase a complete recording of the webinar. After payment we will send you a link to the download. You can also request copies of the individual presentations, in pdf format.

Webinar description:
Compostable plastics are being hailed as the route to zero waste and vilified as causing more harm than good in both recycling and landfilling. What exactly are “compostable plastics”? Are they different from “bioplastics”? Is “biodegradable” different than... Details
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RECORDING of Odor Control 101 • Practical Guide to Managing Odor Webinar
In this webinar we will review the prevention of compost odors, the conditions that underlie odor problems and the issues they can cause.

Find out how you can:

Recognize conditions that cause odor
Properly manage for and prevent odor
Utilize monitoring methods
Evaluate in-coming feedstock and identify issues before odor becomes a problem
Implement the ... Details
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RECORDING of Size It Up, Size It Down: Using Aerated Static-Piles to Fit Your Needs Webinar
In this webinar we will review the best practices for achieving success in your composting operation at the size that fits your needs.

Learn how you can size your pile to:

Maximize limited space and time available for maintenance of your pile
Understand feedstock management
Achieve best use of your compost product
Integrate nutrient... Details
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Establishing a Source Separated Organic Material Composting Program: 13 Years of Evolution

Are you a local government agency, non-profit, university or compost manufacturer interested in the “In’s-and-Out’s” of residential organics collection? Then this webinar is for YOU! Learn from expert Heidi Ringhofer, who has managed a small, urban compost facility in Minnesota.

During this webinar you will learn:

challenges and opportunities with... Details
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The purpose of this webinar is to explore the importance of collecting and understanding compost analytical data. Areas of interest covered include:

*Evaluating overall quality of products, and addressing product improvement

*Proving that the product is safe and consistent

*Relating to customers and addressing their technical requirements.

Featured speakers:
Ron Alexander

Ron Alexander, the instructor, is... Details