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Many compost producers, both municipal and private, get involved in composting as an effective means of recycling organic residuals, with little thought given to marketing the final product. The disposition of the compost is often times viewed as a ´build it and they will come’ situation, rather than a process which begins when the first organic residuals are delivered to the composting facility. There have been too many instances where surplus stockpiles of compost have become problematic to the producer, resulting in regulatory concerns and a lower value for the finished product. Compost marketing must begin when composting facility construction begins!

Basic marketing tenants include; know your product and understand your targeted market segments. This webinar will explain the agronomic benefits of adding compost to soil and will review the variety of applications for compost in the landscape including; topsoil manufacturing, turf topdressing, backfill mixes, erosion control and others. It will introduce the compost producer to the myriad of compost marketing opportunities available to them. The USCC’s STA Program will also be briefly explained.
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