RECORDING of Compost and Food Crops: Protecting Your Busines
The US Food and Drug Administration has highlighted compost in proposed regulations for the implementation of the federal Food Safety Modernization Act, proposing some very restrictive requirements for using compost on certain fresh produce crops. But the fact is, properly produced compost can help protect both people and plants from getting sick.

The key is “properly produced”.

In this webinar, you will learn:

What is the FDA’s concern?
What do we know about compost and food safety?
How one compost manufacturer has successfully sold to growers under the Leafy Green Marketing Agreement, one of the strictest standards in the market.


David Crohn
UC Riverside, Riverside, CA

Patricia Millner
USDA Environmental Microbial and Food Safety Lab, Beltsville, MD

Johnny Massa
Comgro Soil Amendments, General Manager

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